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MyOpenLibrary is a personal library page, which knows who you are, what you are studying and presents the relevant electronic library resources. These electronic library resources are selected from Open Library and include: e-journals, e-books, databases, reference materials and ROUTES links. The Library is rolling out this service to selected courses.

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Who can access MyOpenLibrary
The following users can access MyOpenLibrary with their OU computer username and password:

  • All OU staff
  • Students and ALs on selected courses, if you have a MyOpenLibrary there will be a link to it on your course website.

How personalisation could help YOU

  • Gather all YOUR important resources together in one place
  • Add your own "favourite" resources
  • No more trying to remember which were useful databases/electronic journals last time
  • Saves you time and reduces information overload
  • Quick - no need to search for the resources every time
  • Access MyOpenLibrary from home, at work, library or Internet cafe
How to access MyOpenLibrary
You can access MyOpenLibrary from any computer with Internet access in the following ways:

Use the helpsheet to explore the features in MyOpenLibrary.

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